cover image Innocent Blood

Innocent Blood

Graham Masterton / Author Severn House Publishers $28.95 (256p

The prolific Masterton's paranormal thriller gets off to a harrowing start with a truly terrifying act of terrorism. A car packed with TNT, nails and other deadly metal bits explodes in a schoolyard-not in the Middle East but in Hollywood. A group calling itself Dar Tariki Tariqat claims responsibility and vows to bring down the corrupt Western media. Comedy writer Frank Bell, the father of one of the victims, and an alluring, mysterious woman who calls herself Astrid team up with a psychic detective to save the day, but not before more suicide bombings destroy other targets, including the Walt Disney Studio, and Frank and Astrid enjoy plenty of athletic sex. If this exploitative fare isn't for every taste, Masterton fans won't be disappointed.