cover image Spiritwalk


Charles de Lint. Tor Books, $20.95 (365pp) ISBN 978-0-312-85204-7

In this sequel to Moonheart , de Lint revisits Tamson House, the sprawling Ottawa edifice that is a reservoir of psychic power and a gateway to many spirit worlds, particularly those of Native American and Celtic mythology. The house is occupied by a shifting collection of artists and other social misfits seeking peace and protection from a society they find threatening. Emma Fenn, who can communicate with trees, is saved from a band of renegade faeries by Blue Farley, former biker and caretaker of Tamson, and by Esmeralda Foylan, a childhood friend and seeker of ancient truths. Emma and Esmeralda join Tamson's population as the house enters a time of great peril. When Albert Watkins strives for immortality by wresting control of Tamson House from its current guardian, the spirit of former owner Jamie Tamson, the building and all within it are moved into another, inimical world, which Blue, Emma, Esmeralda and Sara Kendell--Jamie's niece and the house's current owner--must use all their powers to oppose. De Lint infuses his powerful story of sacrifice, revenge and the responsibility of power with an ancient sense of human unity with the natural world. (May)