cover image Mouvar's Magic

Mouvar's Magic

Piers Anthony. Tor Books, $18.95 (310pp) ISBN 978-0-312-85305-1

In this conclusion to the series begun four books ago with Dragon's Gold , the battle between the forces of evil, led by malignant witch Zady, and the forces of good, headed by benign witch Helbah, once again endangers the world of the Alliance, where magic works and dragons dwell. Kelvin, the middle-age son of John Knight, leader of 12 Earthmen who were accidentally translated to this frame years before, prepares finally to fulfill his destiny as the Roundear of Prophesy, who will save his world and people with the aid of weapons provided by the good magician Mouvar. As the war takes shape, the third generation learns to cope with adulthood; Kelvin's telepathic triplet children--Charles, Merlain and Dragon Horace--seek appropriate mates, while their father nearly succumbs to the charms of a now-youthful Zady. The Alliance wins the first battle with the aid of their old enemies, the orcslc correct , but Zady and Professor Devale have surprises in store for the heroes. The final volume in this rather pedestrian fantasy series stands alone--barely--but a reading of the three previous books will be helpful for readers who have any remaining interest. (Aug.)