cover image Yon Ill Wind

Yon Ill Wind

Piers Anthony. Tor Books, $23.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-312-86227-5

Devotees of Xanth, Anthony's engaging fictional realm, will applaud his latest pun-filled entry in the series. Anthony incorporated about 150 suggestions from fans in Roc and a Hard Place (1995); he uses--and credits--another 100 here, including two major premises. A Mundane (human) family is blown to Xanth by a tropical storm that threatens the land's existence. To save Xanth and to win a cosmic wager, the Demon X(AN) must become Nimby, a mortal, ass-headed pink-and-green-striped dragon and wring an unlikely tear from the hard-hearted maiden Chlorine. Anthony relates each episode of this frothy adventure through a different character's eyes in order to reinforce a gentle lesson about gifts and responsibilities. Xanth, where everything is very literal and each being has its own one talent, can continue only if everyone from mightiest to humblest works together. This engaging excursion puts them all to charming use. Once again, Anthony's unflagging sparkle, verve and wordplay spin everyday trials of Mundane life into storytelling gold. (Oct.)