cover image As the Wolf Loves Winter

As the Wolf Loves Winter

David Poyer / Author Forge $23.95 (0p) ISBN 978-0-312-85601-4

W.T. ""Racks"" Halvorsen, the elderly hero of Poyer's memorable Winter in the Heart (1993), has been released from prison for blowing up a bridge in a fight against environmental polluters. Still grieving for the wife he accidentally killed in the battle, he retreats to the woods he knows and loves--and immediately witnesses a murder. Reluctantly, he allows himself to get tangled up in a huge conspiracy that involves corrupt big business, clandestine gas drillers and a secret Asian workforce driven by killers. Counterpointed to the sustained suspense in this wholly involving thriller are numerous well-evoked scenes of wolfpacks watching and circling the human protagonists. Wolves are often considered vicious predators, but in this scenario it's the humans who are truly feral and dangerous. A magnificent wintery climax involving the wolves, Halvorsen and a brave 12-year-old girl won't be forgotten soon by anyone who appreciates superb storytelling and characterization. (Apr.)