cover image Hounds of God

Hounds of God

Judith Tarr. St. Martin's Press, $15.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-312-94218-2

The first two volumes of Tarr's ""The Hound and the Falcon'' trilogy introduced elf-born Brother Alf, whose desire to serve man and God is thwarted by the prejudice and politics of the medieval world. In this concluding book, Alf has reconciled himself to his human side sufficiently to start a family with his beloved Thea. But his refuge in Rhiyana, with its elven king, is invaded by the Inquisition's Hounds of God, who see Alf as inhuman and the country as heretical. After Thea and her twins are kidnapped, Alf traces them to Rome, where he ultimately confronts the Pope. For his efforts, he is once more exiled and now also excommunicated. This is the most conventional and, on a narrative level, most confusing entry in the trilogy. Still, like the others, it possesses a melancholy charm and a delicate touch for fantasy growing out of history. (March)