cover image King's Blood

King's Blood

Judith Tarr, . . Roc, $16 (376pp) ISBN 978-0-451-46045-5

In Tarr's entertaining historical fantasy, the sequel to Rite of Conquest (2004), Britain needs a king who will embrace the old magic of the Otherworld. Since William the Conqueror's heir, eldest son Red William, abjures all magic, it's up to two other royal personages to restore magic to the suffering kingdom. Edith, princess of Scotland and child of Saxon kings, can raise great magic or suppress it utterly, but is confined to a convent. Henry, the Norman prince, also possesses great magic, but as the youngest of the conqueror's sons, he rules no lands and wields no mortal power. Will the shedding of king's blood save Britain from its woes? Compelling characters and curious plot twists make this a page-turner. Agent, Russell Galen . (Oct.)