cover image Texas! Sage

Texas! Sage

Sandra Brown. Doubleday, $18 (343pp) ISBN 978-0-385-41581-1

This final novel in the Tyler trilogy (begun in Texas! Lucky ) is summer-reading fluff; a few interesting plot twists, stereotypical but amusing characters and situations, and the factory-made happy ending. Headstrong Sage Tyler expects an engagement ring for Christmas. Instead, she gets jilted: Sage is too flamboyant for her finance's straitlaced family. Home to recuperate over the holidays, Sage is stuck in her kid-sister role, with no definite career plans and no family to compare with her two brothers'. She's also attracted and annoyed by lanky blond cowboy-type Harlan Boyd, a drifter hired for a project to save the family's ailing oil company, Tyler Drilling. Harlan exudes the strength and sexual magnetism her ex-fiance lacked, but his keen perception of Sage's vulnerability unsettles her, whereas he's too independent to commit. Joining Tyler Drilling, Sage must work as Harlan's sales partner as both deny an irresistible chemistry. Their bond intensifies through many bedroom scenes, while business takes off and Harlan's past conflicts are resolved. (Aug.)