cover image Low Pressure

Low Pressure

Sandra Brown. Grand Central, $26.99 (480p) ISBN 978-1-4555-0155-7

In this breathless romantic thriller from bestseller Brown (Lethal), Bellamy Price hopes that her debut novel, the pseudonymous Low Pressure, will be therapeutic. Instead, Low Pressure reopens many old wounds in Austin, Tex., after Bellamy’s identity becomes known, and the public learns the novel is based on the murder of her sister, Susan, 18 years before. Among those most upset is pilot Denton Carter, Susan’s one-time boyfriend and a prime suspect until his alibi proved convincing. Another is Ray Strickland, the brother of the man convicted of the crime and later killed in prison. When both Bellamy and Denton are targeted in attacks, digging further into Susan’s murder becomes imperative for both. As they re-examine the unsavory roles played by officials involved in the case, Bellamy must face new truths about Susan and other members of her family. Sexual tension fueled by mistrust between brash Denton and shy Bellamy smolders and sparks in teasing fashion throughout. Agent: Maria Carvainis, the Maria Carvainis Agency. (Sept.)