cover image Camino Winds

Camino Winds

John Grisham. Doubleday, $28.95 (304p) ISBN 978-0-385-54593-8

The murder of popular thriller writer Nelson Kerr during a hurricane drives bestseller Grisham’s exciting follow-up to 2017’s Camino Island. In the hurricane’s aftermath, the Camino Island police are too preoccupied to handle the case competently, so Nelson’s bookseller friend, Bruce Cable, the endearing though roguish leader of the Florida resort island’s literary society, and his pals—ex-con crime writer J. Andrew Cobb and bookstore intern Nick Sutton—obtain permission from Nelson’s relatives to investigate. The discovery of Nelson’s unpublished final novel, concerning Medicare fraud, conceivably holds the key to his death. Believing the manuscript is fact posing as fiction, Bruce retains the services of a dodgy security firm to infiltrate nursing homes. This effort leads to more murders, a cover-up, and a massive FBI operation to bring the book’s villains to justice. Grisham peoples the intriguing, elaborate plot with a winsome ensemble of distinguished authors and booklovers. Readers will hope to return soon to this appealing vacation hot spot. Agent: David Gernert, the Gernert Company. (Apr.)