cover image Meteor!


Patricia Polacco. Dodd Mead, $12.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-396-08910-0

The last event people in Union City remember was when ""Bertie Felspaw got her elbow caught in the revolving door at the library over Coldwater way.'' It's no wonder they make such a big fuss over the meteor that lands on Gramma and Granpa's farm. The news buzzes through town, more disastrous in each retelling. Soon the farm becomes a carnival ground, with a band and a circus and hot-air balloon rides. When the festivities are over, those who have touched the meteor feel that their lives have changed. Based on a true event, this enchanting book overwhelmingly expresses the magic that suddenly pervades a small town, from the funny, folksy way the story is told to the imaginative, full-color illustrations. Ages 5-9. (April)