cover image Holes in the Sky

Holes in the Sky

Patricia Polacco. Putnam, $18.99 (48p) ISBN 978-1-5247-3948-5

This follow-up to Chicken Sunday again features Miss Eula and child Trisha, based on Polacco’s childhood self. Polacco describes Trisha’s loss of her beloved Babushka—who tells her before she dies that stars are holes in the sky that lead to heaven, and that she promises to send her a sign. After a move to a diverse neighborhood in drought-ravaged California, Trisha befriends a boy named Stewart; his grandmother is the exuberant, loving Miss Eula. Despite the drought, Eula grows a magnificent garden using recycled water, and Trisha is inspired to bring that beauty to a mourning neighbor. In this autobiographical story, Polacco explores complex responses to grief; the beauty of community, diversity, and goodwill shines through her unmistakable marker-and-pencil-line illustrations. Ages 6–9. (Sept.)