cover image Another Chance to Dream

Another Chance to Dream

Lynn Kurland. Berkley Publishing Group, $7.99 (418pp) ISBN 978-0-425-16514-0

Gwennelyn of Segrave entangles her childhood love, the knight Rhys de Piaget, in a desperate plot to escape her upcoming marriage to the brutal Alain of Ayre. But, in a surprising twist, the scheme fails and Rhys watches miserably as Gwen is forced to the altar. This intriguing medieval romance blends history, family relationships and humor into a love story that spans years and includes many colorful characters who become involved in Rhys's quest for the land and money he needs to buy Gwen's freedom. Against almost insurmountable odds, the lovers eventually manage to free Gwen and her children from their bondage, only to face a battle for Rhys's land. In a medieval society of cruelty, pageantry and doomed chivalry, Kurland creates a special romance between a memorable knight and his lady. (Dec.)