cover image This Is All I Ask

This Is All I Ask

Lynn Kurland. Jove Books, $6.99 (432pp) ISBN 978-0-515-12139-1

In this character-driven medieval romance that transcends category, Kurland (Stardust of Yesterday) spins a sometimes magical, sometimes uproariously funny, sometimes harsh and brutal tale of two people deeply wounded in body and soul who learn to love and trust each other. Knight Christopher, Dragon of Blackmour, honors a friend's dying wish and marries his pitiable sister. Christopher doesn't care who he marries; in fact, since losing his sight, he doesn't care about much of anything. His bride, Gillian of Warewick, is a frightened child-woman with no sense of self-worth, as her father's beaten it out of her. To the author's credit, no deus ex machina appears to heal these lovers; neither has she chosen to tell another version of Beauty and the Beast. Savor every word; this one's a keeper. (Aug.)