cover image MR.King, You're/

MR.King, You're/

Larry King. Delacorte Press, $16.95 (174pp) ISBN 978-0-440-50039-1

A magazine article puffed up to book length, this memoir by the radio and TV talk-show host and columnist for USA Today , written with New York's Newsday science editor Colen, is padded with blatant devices. Quotations are pulled from the text and reprinted midway on a page in headline-size type, and there are lengthy, irrelevant reminiscences from some of the doctors involved in King's case. Still, the story of King's angina, his heart attack, his angioplasty and his quintuple bypass surgery is well told, especially as he presents his reactions to the ordeals he underwent. The book should prove helpful to heart patients and to those who face cardiac surgery of any kind. (Feb.)