cover image The Moon Might Be Milk

The Moon Might Be Milk

Lisa Shulman. Dutton Books, $16.99 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-525-47647-4

Shulman (The Matzo Ball Boy) blends a host of familiar themes and plotting devices to serve up this diverting if uneven picture book about a child's pondering of the moon. Looking out her bedroom window at a full moon, young Rosie wonders what the glowing, celestial orb might be made of. In a traditional cumulative wandering, the girl seeks advice from various animal pals who have different, wishful opinions of the moon's contents. Cat is convinced that ""the moon is a saucer of fresh milk,"" while hen believes it's an egg. With such potential explanations running through her mind, Rosie seeks out Gran for a definitive answer. The kindly grandmother then takes all the possibilities (milk, egg, flour, butter and sugar) and whips them together into a batch of moon-shaped sugar cookies for the whole crew to enjoy. Though Shulman visits no new territory here, young readers will likely find enjoyment in the tried-and-true elements and childlike perceptions. Hillebrand's (Kiss the Cow!) ever-evolving mixed-media illustrations (including a bit of collage and a broad palette of bold and sheer applications of paint) lend the proceedings equal parts sweetness and flair. A recipe for Gran's moon cookies ends the cheerful tale. Ages 3-up.