cover image The Seeds of Time

The Seeds of Time

Kay Kenyon. Spectra Books, $7.99 (544pp) ISBN 978-0-553-57681-8

The year is 2019, and Earth is slowly dying. The only hope for a future hangs on the success of Biotime, a corporation which sends spaceships to other worlds and other times looking for viable plant life to bring home. Only a lucky few are able to pilot a Biotime ship when it ""dives."" Clio Finn, one of these divers, finds herself on a mission to a tropical world called Niang, which she is sure will hold the key to Earth's survival. Striving against mutinies and a reluctant government, Clio risks everything to plant Niang's seeds on Earth. Her heroism, however, lands her in prison until Army Colonel Jackson Tandy commissions her for another trip to Niang. This second mission forces Clio to continue her fight for Earth's future and the man she loves, as well as her own place in history. Kenyon has created a winning heroine, a gripping adventure, and a setting that shows some imaginative thinking on current theories of Earth's ecological ruin and of time travel. (June)