cover image CONSIDER LOVE: Its Moods and Many Ways

CONSIDER LOVE: Its Moods and Many Ways

Sandra Boynton, . . S&S/Little Simon, $14.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-689-84703-5

Arriving just in time for Valentine's Day gift giving, this bouncy volume should please the palates of those searching for a sweet confection for a special someone. An appealing menagerie of Boynton's inimitable animal characters court and cavort through these buoyant pages, demonstrating how love "comes in every shape, and style." Acting out emotions suggested by the minimal rhyming text, these critters demonstrate such phenomena as "hopeful love" (a rabbit's ears form the shape of a heart), "love extravagant" (an elephant presents his amour with an entire apple tree, roots and all), "love perhaps foolish" (a hippo dives head-first into a layer cake) and "love overzealous" (a beaver chomps heart-shaped designs on tree trunks). In a final spread, the animals gather together as the narrative winds to an unabashedly sentimental, sing-song close: "Now consider one love in the midst of the crowd—an affectionate love, neither timid nor loud.... A love that is steady, devoted, and true—Consider my love for incredible you." Aw, shucks. What's not to love—or at least like? All ages. (Jan.)