cover image One Shoe Blues

One Shoe Blues

Sandra Boynton, . . Workman, $10.95 (59pp) ISBN 978-0-7611-5138-8

Adding a new dimension—video—to her children's media oeuvre, author-illustrator Boynton transforms a song from her 2007 book-and-CD title Blue Moo: 17 Jukebox Hits from Way Back Never into a stand-alone book-plus-DVD, starring blues legend B.B. King. Boynton weaves the lyrics of her original song into an extended tale about some colorful sock puppets who watch King perform the song in a cozy country house complete with clapboard walls and an old Zenith clock radio. “We might be in Mississippi. Or maybe not,” opens the story as the song plays on the radio, and King himself, sporting one green high-top sneaker, plays along on his guitar: “Well I woke up this morning. Couldn't find my shoe.” Still photographs from Boynton's music video and other complementary shots illustrate the story, creating an offbeat package—the overall effect is that of a Sesame Street or Muppets short transcribed to picture book format. In addition to King's humorous and engaging performance (complete with sock puppet accompaniment), the DVD contains other kid-pleasing tidbits such as a “making of” feature and screen tests for the sock puppets. Ages 3–up. (Nov.)