cover image Don't Let the Turkeys Get You Down

Don't Let the Turkeys Get You Down

Sandra Boynton. Workman Publishing, $5.95 (112pp) ISBN 978-0-89480-013-9

Boynton's greeting cards featuring cute, likable animals have been deservedly popular. Here she uses similar critters in a book that aims to spoof human ""turkeys,'' who are like nerds but are self-confident, she writes. Although her drawings continue to be simple and appealing, the overall theme is too diffuse and the humor often feeble. There are familiar pokes at people who talk in movie theaters and who drop by for visits unannounced. There are ineffective word plays (prehistoric turkeys included the ``Cro-Turgnon,'' and Boynton is listed as a Ph.T.). And, inexplicably, a note to the reader is signed by the author, the publisher and ``William Shakespeare, bard.'' This is a jumble, and the gems (``the most distinctive characteristic of a Medical Turkey is its very large bill'') are too rare. (May)