cover image The Bunny Rabbit Show!

The Bunny Rabbit Show!

Sandra Boynton. Workman, $6.95 (24p) ISBN 978-0-7611-8060-9

Ten of Boynton’s characteristically excitable rabbits put on a Broadway-style song and dance for readers in a board book that bounces along like its stars. Ten cottontails sing, dance, hop, and even form a giant pyramid for a packed auditorium of chickens—and the occasional pig, sheep, and cow (it wouldn’t be a Boynton book without ’em). The rabbits’ song is mostly about their skills, but they aren’t afraid to share their failings: “We’re very good at hopping./ We’re hopping in a row./ We’re not so good at stopping./ It’s The Bunny Rabbit Show!” A downloadable version of the song is available for families who want to join in fully. Up to age 4. (Sept.)