cover image SHRIMP


Rachel Cohn, . . S&S, $15.95 (288pp) ISBN 978-0-689-86612-8

Cohn returns to spunky narrator Cyd Charisse for this compelling sequel to her first novel, Gingerbread . In this installment, Cyd Charisse (now calling herself CC) has returned from visiting her "bio-dad" in New York and prepares for her senior year in San Francisco, determined to rekindle her romance with Shrimp. But even as she and the artistic surfer give their relationship another try, CC learns more about herself, finding out how to "[become] a member of my family and... [that] there are chicks my own age who are actually cool and friend-worthy." Her mother is pushing college, and Shrimp wants her to move to New Zealand with him ("The surfing is killer there," he pleads); ultimately, CC will have to decide her future for herself. Once again, the memorable heroine's light-hearted, sassy narration will enthrall her fans, and win over new recruits. She is a complete character, likeable as much for her daring outfits and attitude as for her good heart and energy. There are some glitches: a subplot about Alexei, a handsome college student who is taking a semester off to work for her step-dad, goes nowhere, and even Cyd's first female friends seem to disappear quickly from the story. But readers will be swept up in her relationship with Shrimp, which reads as authentic young love, from a romantic night spent snuggling on a rooftop hammock to struggling with each other's pasts—and their different ideas for the future. Ages 12-up. (Mar.)