cover image The Lyre Thief

The Lyre Thief

Jennifer Fallon. Tor, $27.99 (448p) ISBN 978-0-7653-8079-1

Fallon's trilogy launch opens 10 years after the events previously recounted in the Hythrun Chronicles, in a land where dangerous intrigues are always stirring and a royal case of switched identities heralds the renewal of old enmities. Princess Rakaia of Fardohnya is desperate to escape the court before her father, King Hablet, learns she isn't his daughter. She has agreed to marry the elderly lord of distant Highcastle%E2%80%94but she has no intention of going through with it. Instead, she convinces her stepsister, Charisee, to switch places with her. Their risky masquerade puts them both in the way of larger forces: the God of Liars takes a special interest in Charisee, and Rakaia falls in love with the thief whose last job has left both humans and gods scrambling. Fallon skillfully cranks up the tension, building a taut web of interlocking schemes, plots, and shady politics. With its lively cast of characters, conflicting motivations, and a bit of romance, Fallon's latest Hythrun novel will entertain new readers and returning fans. (Mar.)