cover image Max & Ruby's First Greek Myth

Max & Ruby's First Greek Myth

Rosemary Wells, Richard Ed. Wells. Dial Books, $11.99 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-8037-1524-0

Wells adds engaging new dimensions to her ongoing saga of the inimitable bunny siblings as Ruby introduces Max, her insatiably inquisitive brother, to the tale of a calamitously curious youngster. After a sign tacked to her door (``NO! This means you!'') fails to keep Max out of her room and away from her jewelry box, Ruby decides to deliver a moral to her brother by reading him ``a story about sneaking and peeking.'' The Pandora of Ruby's tale is a bunny whose mother goes off to the store, instructing her not to open the magic jewelry box. The daughter does, of course, and after ``a hundred twister bees, a slew of fire ants, and clouds of Mexican jumping weevils'' fly out, a green spider remains. ``I'm your only hope!'' he says, then proceeds to devour the bugs and save the day. However perfect a role model for Max this lucky Pandora may be, the ending lets readers know that, once again, the endearing fellow chooses not to absorb the lesson Ruby tries to teach. Wells's art (including endpapers filled with amusing Grecian bunnies) is as understated and clever as ever. Ages 4-8. (Sept.)