cover image Different Drummer

Different Drummer

Clive Egleton, Egelton. Stein and Day, $19.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-8128-3096-5

Egleton's latest suspense novel (after In the Red ) is a fast-paced, absorbing story of computer espionage in London. Major ``Dutch'' Hollands, American Lt. Col. Lindsey Whyte and Stan Edwards of British Intelligence have volunteered for Christmas duty at Quebec House; their task is to guard the jointly operated British-American computer that contains sensitive and classified information about thousands of military personnel, insurrectionists and terrorists throughout the world. In a daring and clever operation, the security of Quebec House is breached and many files are erased. Clues begin to appear, but Hollands and Whyte remain suspects, although for whom they would have been acting is not made clear. As the investigation proceeds, British Intelligence accuses, variously, the IRA, the KGB and an English fascist group, to suit considerations of politics and Anglo-American relations. In typical British spy novel fashion, a multitude of agencies are involved, subplots proliferate and dead ends abound. But the layers peel away, and the story culminates in a satisfying, if predictable, fashion. (Dec.)