cover image Hunter's Bride

Hunter's Bride

Jessica Wulf. Zebra, $4.99 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-8217-5463-4

In 1849, Sarah Hancock finds herself agreeing to her dying mother's wish that she marry her childhood friend Adam Rutledge. The problem is that while she loves Adam as a friend, it isn't the kind of love she'd dreamed of, the kind her parents had. After her mother's death, Sarah reluctantly leaves New Haven, Conn., and travels to Fort Charles, a remote outpost in Indian territory where Adam is stationed as an army captain. Sarah soon questions the wisdom of her promise when Adam's tyrannical aunt, ""the Mrs. Colonel,"" finds her totally unsuitable and demands that she behave in a manner more befitting a proper army life. All seems despair, until handsome army scout Orion Beaudine appears on the scene. It's love at first sight, but Wulf (The Irish Rose) takes far too long getting the two together. Eventually it develops into a satisfying romance, but readers will feel that they didn't have enough time with the main love interest. (Nov.)