cover image A Scandalous Affair

A Scandalous Affair

Donna Hill. Arabesque, $5.99 (352pp) ISBN 978-1-58314-118-2

Bestselling author of A Private Affair, which became a made-for-TV movie, Hill will delight her hordes of fans with her newest work, the long-awaited sequel to her 1995 hit, Scandalous. Centered on the timely topic of racial profiling and police brutality against young black men, which has received the intense scrutiny of an outraged public and concerned lawmakers across the country, Hill's sexy and engaging new work features the high-profile Montgomery clan: Justin, a leading civil rights attorney who heads up his own D.C. firm; his wife, Vaughn, a respected U.S. congresswoman; his daughter, Samantha, a beautiful, brainy lawyer-trained civil rights activist; and Vaughn's equally beautiful and brainy daughter, Simone, a local politician. The stepsisters, a year apart in age, are closer than most blood sisters and very similar in spirit, Hill observes, except that Samantha doesn't quite have the carefree confidence with men Simone enjoys. Returning stateside after an extended absence, handsome attorney and family friend Chad Rushmore resumes his position at Justin's firm and asks the sisters' help in preparing a case that could redefine civil rights for the 21st century. Hill skillfully fleshes out the makings of a civil rights lawsuit against the pulsating backdrop of Simone and Chad's secret of one hot night together four years ago, Chad's growing passion for Samantha and his efforts to protect her against several death threats. With a speaking tour and well-targeted national advertising (Black Issues Book Review, Essence), the mediagenic Hill is bound to broaden her audience with this latest sizzler. (Dec.)