cover image One Love

One Love

Lynn Emery. Arabesque, $4.99 (320pp) ISBN 978-1-58314-046-8

Recovering alcohol and drug addict Lanessa Thomas is the atypical heroine in Emery's (A Time to Love) refreshing romance about second chances. Three years of sobriety and success at a thriving research company have transformed Lanessa, but can't prepare her for a confrontation with her lost love, Alex St. Romaine. Sparks fly when the handsome and newly divorced computer consultant unexpectedly forgives Lanessa's past transgressions, and the two vow to start anew. But instead of settling into the staid family life Alex proposes (which includes developing a relationship with his bratty twin daughters from his previous marriage), Lanessa slips into her old routine, leading to another breakup. Reacquainting herself with Baton Rouge's movers and shakers, Lanessa unwittingly gets involved in a dangerous and illegal business scheme. Emery's sense of Southern decorum shows throughout the fast-paced narrative, particularly when Alex, despite their breakup, gallantly steps in to save Lanessa. (Oct.)