cover image True Love

True Love

Brenda Jackson. Arabesque, $5.99 (304pp) ISBN 978-1-58314-144-1

A Harvard MBA, fluency in four languages and stunning beauty make landing a job at Chicago's Chenault Electronics a cinch for 26-year-old Shayla Kirkland. But her underhanded intention--to destroy the company for falsely accusing her unwed, pregnant mother of corporate spying nearly 27 years earlier wavers during Shayla's first week on the job. As if this isn't enough excitement, Shayla loses her virginity to Nick Chenault, a gorgeous 32-year-old CEO. Jackson (Secret Love) bolsters their farfetched relationship with plenty of unexpected plot twists as Shayla soon realizes she is not the only one with a hidden agenda. The man Shayla believes to be her biological father is suspected in a break-in and fire at Chenault's Florida lab, and his son, who Shayla believes to be her long-lost half brother, is also Nick's best friend. Jackson's trademark ability to weave multiple characters and side stories together makes the shocking, though sometimes improbable truths all the more exciting. (Sept.)