cover image Claw Your Way to the Top

Claw Your Way to the Top

Dave Barry. Rodale Press, $12.95 (96pp) ISBN 978-0-87857-652-4

In this amusing and entertaining parody of job-market and business-success books, Barry reviews the history of business (""The Middle Ages were hardly the kind of ages where anybody wanted to make any long-term business commitments''), and then explains how to get a job (``Often, a good resume can mean the difference between not getting a job and not even coming close''). From there he discusses how to do the job (``Most corporations and organizations like to start everybody out with a couple of years of taking messages'') and how to step over co-workers (``If you promote yourself to Coordinating Administrator or Administrative Coordinator, nobody will ever be able to pin an actual job responsibility on you''). Again and again he pokes fun at the bureaucratic, corporate mentality, making this an insightful, trenchant satire. Author tour. (September)