cover image Dave Barry's Guide to Marriage And/Or Se

Dave Barry's Guide to Marriage And/Or Se

Dave Barry / Author, Jerry O'Brien / Illustrator Rodale Press

Syndicated columnist Barry is just as funny here as in his previous humor books, Babies and Other Hazards of Sex and Claw Your Way to the Top. With a jaundiced eye, he comments on dating and marriage: opening lines (""How about that Middle East?''); French kissing (``a really sexy thing to do, according to the French people, although you should bear in mind that they also like to eat snails''); Disney World honeymoons (``They say `honeymooning in Florida' because they don't want people to know that the highlight of the whole wild lustful romantic adventure was shaking hands with Goofy''); grounds for divorce (``wearing shorts and black knee socks at the same time''). In addition to the litany of love-life lunacies, there are O'Brien's 60 entertaining illustrations, including maps, pie charts, cartoons, diagrams and comic strips. A ``funny index'' not seen by PW. Author tour. (October)