cover image Bad Wolf

Bad Wolf

Nele Neuhaus, trans. from the German by Steven T. Murray. Minotaur, $25.99 (416p) ISBN 978-1-250-04399-3

Neuhaus’s sequel to Snow White Must Die demonstrates the author’s maturing skills. The drowned teen on the banks of the Main River near Frankfurt appears to be the third victim of a summer party gone horribly wrong, but the water in her lungs is not river water, her battered corpse is not fresh, and her identity is a mystery. As Chief Supt. Pia Kirchhoff and her team at Kommissariat 11 work to discover who imprisoned and brutalized the young victim, more violence erupts: a scandal-mongering reporter is beaten, raped, and stuffed into the trunk of her own car, and a psychiatrist is consigned to a lingering, terrible death. Linking the murders is a tapestry of abuse and corruption, one that reaches to the lofty heights of German society and into Pia’s own department. While Pia has a surprising number of personal connections to the bad guys, this nuanced effort suggests why the author is a bestseller in her native Germany. (Jan.)