cover image Me! Me! Mine!

Me! Me! Mine!

Alan Katz, illus. by Pascal Lemaitre. Little Simon, $7.99 (10p) ISBN 978-1-4169-8993-6

Rocky Dachshund, who first appeared in Let's Get a Checkup! (2010), isn't a bad pup, but he won't share. He takes all of the crayons and markers from his classmates, won't pass the basketball, and has taken over the room he shares with his brother. He even hogs a full page of the book: "Can't you see?/ This book's for me!/ 'cause I don't care!/ I just won't share!" But the tables must turn: "It happened when his mom said %E2%80%98Chores!/ The dishes, laundry, sweeping%E2%80%94yours!'" Though Rocky's singsong selfishness make his bad behavior seem more comical than anything, the message still comes through. Ages 4%E2%80%936. (July)