cover image Wildlife of the World

Wildlife of the World

Edited by Don E. Wilson. DK, $50 (480p) ISBN 978-1-4654-3804-1

This gorgeous coffee table book of animal life across the planet, including a section on habitats, is a comprehensive gathering of the world's seven continents divided into their main geological environments and highlighting the creatures that occupy them. In Africa, for example, Wilson highlights the Ethiopian Highlands, the Great Rift Valley, and the Serengeti Savannas, to name a few, and provides beautiful images of the magnificent creatures that live there. Brilliant color photos show each of the animals in action: the impala leaps airborne, and giraffes are shown "necking." Accompanying text includes information about each animal's habitat and special characteristics (the crested berrypecker is monogamous), along with stats. Unusual animals, such as the sugar glider of New Guinea, add to the interest and beauty. This book is a perfect reference guide and a delight to page through, compiled with the authority of the Smithsonian and its list of consultants. (Oct.)