cover image Smek for President!

Smek for President!

Adam Rex. Disney-Hyperion, $16.99 (272p) ISBN 978-1-4847-0951-1

Having saved the world in The True Meaning of Smekday (2007), Tip Tucci and her alien sidekick, J.Lo, decide to seek adventure on the new homeworld of the extraterrestrial Boov, located on a moon of Saturn. Upon their arrival on New Boovworld, Tip and J.Lo learn that the Boov are hosting their first democratic election and quickly get embroiled in the race for the Boov Oval Office. Captain Smek faces off against the human Dan Landry, who took credit for Tip and J.Lo%E2%80%99s world-saving plot from the previous book. Rex%E2%80%99s humorous wordplay and insightful satire remain on full display (on the whole enterprise of elections, J.Lo observes, %E2%80%9CI have been watching the Americans. You like to think you decide things, but you only ever decide not to change. Because you are afrightened of change. You are the man who likes a big menu but always orders hamburgers%E2%80%9D). Inventive language, a smart and resourceful heroine, and an unerring sense of fun all contribute to a playful, action-packed sequel. Final art not seen by PW. Ages 8%E2%80%9312. Agent: Steven Malk, Writers House. (Feb.)