cover image Dirty Old Men (and Other Stories): Anthology

Dirty Old Men (and Other Stories): Anthology

Omar Tyree. Strebor Books, $23 (352pp) ISBN 978-1-59309-273-3

The award-winning author of Pecking Order teams up with Erotic Publisher Zane for this collection of fifteen stories about aging African American men and the adventures that they want-and often have-with younger women. Harold, the protagonist in ""The Bartender,"" is a married man pushing fifty, yet nevertheless nursing drinks in a Chicago bar and lusting after the new lady bartender. With his birthday approaching, Harold worries he can't compete with younger and ""hungry as vultures"" men. ""Sugar Daddy Rules"" is the story of clean-cut and cautious Clarence who learns the ways of wooing hot young things from his gold-chain-wearing coworker Maurice. Despite Maurice's advice, Clarence learns his lesson the hard way when he lets Brenda, a college senior with sex appeal, get inside his head-and wallet. The remaining stories are set in other places around the US like Nevada, Virginia, Florida, and Washington, D.C., but revolve around the same fantasy and Viagra-fueled obsession of scoring with a younger honey.