In this week's edition of Endnotes, we take a look at Omar Tyree's latest novel, 'Control' (Dafina, May). The thriller is set in Atlanta and centers on six talented but toxic performers and their psychologist.

Here's how the book came together.

Omar Tyree, Author

“The lack of control in life was an issue that I wanted to tackle, because I felt that way in my own life. We can’t control a lot of the things that happen to us. So I became very excited to write this psychological thriller all about our mental health and interpersonal relationship issues in society, which all have expectations that we may not be able to control.”

Raoul Davis​, Founder and CEO, Ascendant Branding & Entertainment

“I actually challenged Omar to write this book because he had stopped writing novels and was working more as a ghostwriter for nonfiction titles. I didn’t know what he was going to come up with, but Control definitely fits the sign of the times that we’re going through in America. Everyone has control issues. So Omar’s ready to talk about it. That’s what he does with his books. He uses them as spark plugs of conversation.”

Leticia Gomez, Editorial Director, Dafina Books

“The editorial process for Control has been smooth sailing all the way because Omar is a seasoned, highly disciplined writer. Partnering with Omar to publish Control has been a high-octane experience that I will never forget. He is high-voltage all the way and I’ve learned so much from him.”

Kristine Noble, Creative Director, Kensington Publishing

“I wanted to create a cover that would reflect how deep psychological and dark hidden secrets, when revealed, could lead to something fatal. Using an abstract pattern to partially hide and distort the woman’s face adds not only depth but keeps the reader wondering what secrets lie behind her eyes.”