cover image We Stand On Guard

We Stand On Guard

Brian K. Vaughan and Steve Skroce. Image, $24.99 (160p) ISBN 978-1-63215-702-7

Canada has often had a rocky relationship with the United States, from the colonial era to the War on Terror. American writer Vaughan (Saga) and Canadian artist Skroce (Doc Frankenstein) take this occasionally hostile friendship to its fictional conclusion with the tale of a devastating war, which changes the shape of North America. After a drone strike on the White House in 2112, the United States declares all-out war on Canada, plunging their northern neighbors into a police state and viciously exterminating all resistance. Twelve years later, a fugitive named Amber stumbles upon the last vestiges of Canadian resistance and joins their fight. Vaughan is in top form as he peppers the blood-soaked pages with just enough uniquely Canadian wit (likely gleaned from his wife, a native Ottawan) and characteristic pathos to avoid another mindless war story, while Skroce and colorist Matt Hollingsworth stun the reader with their brutal military sci-fi imagery, propelling the tale to its explosive conclusion. (May)