cover image The Eye of the Moon

The Eye of the Moon

Anonymous. Michael O'Mara Books, $13.95 (384pp) ISBN 978-1-84317-303-8

This satirical supernatural thriller, the sequel to The Book with No Name, spotlights the Bourbon Kid, Santa Mondega's most prolific killer. When the Kid was just JD, a good-natured teen, he rescued his Halloween date, 15-year-old Beth Lansbury, from vampire Kione's nasty clutches only to become one after drinking some strange booze. Beth almost becomes a sacrificial virgin for a satanic cult, and worries about JD's subsequent disappearance. Also shocking-a mummy, who turns out to be Egyptian pharaoh Rameses Gaius, bursts out of his case inside the Santa Mondega Museum of Art and History. Gaius seeks ""revenge on the descendants of those who had incarcerated him for so long, and the return of his most prized possession,"" the Eye of the Moon pendant that the Kid needs to become normal. Highly influenced by Tarantino films and Indiana Jones-style antics, Anonymous gleefully thumbs noses at the genre's clichés.