cover image Christmas Parade

Christmas Parade

Sandra Boynton. Little Simon, $14.99 (32p) ISBN 978-1-4424-6813-9

The pigs, chickens, cows, rhinos, and other animals familiar to Boynton’s many fans join forces to celebrate Christmas—loudly. “First comes the elephant marching along/ with a boom-biddy boom-biddy steady and strong,” writes the author as a serious-looking pachyderm in a green marching band uniform leads the charge. It’s followed by “chickens with silver bassoons,” holly-tossing reindeer, a rhinoceros Santa, and more. Boynton’s sense of humor is less evident in this offering than in many of her other titles, but the book’s enthusiastic verse and crisp artwork are as in step as her corps of hippos on drums. Ages 3–6. (Oct.)