cover image The Eye of God: A Sigma Force Novel

The Eye of God: A Sigma Force Novel

James Rollins. Morrow, $27.50 (448p) ISBN 978-0-06178-480-4

Rollins's latest SIGMA Force spectacle (after Bloodline) opens with a race to save the planet as an ominous comet approaches. A fantastical plot involving crashed American satellites, ancient religious relics, and the Chinese mafia is grounded with a unique cast of heroes including scientists, priests, and indestructible soldiers. In Rollins's world, no international setting is complete without a fight to the death battle, and though the good guys are expected to win, there is always a heavy cost. The histories of Genghis Kahn and Attila the Hun lead the heroes on a chase to alter the trajectory of the deadly comet as Rollins delves into the physics of dark energy and quantum entanglement. Like most action-adventure blockbusters, the dialogue verges on unbearable, but Rollins surprises with some tender touches like when a Vietnamese mother is reunited with her long lost daughter, two elderly priests share a final moment together, and a loyal falcon is released in order to save it. He also grants his female characters strength and agency, so they're not simply love interests for male hero figures. Rollins delivers his suspenseful brand of entertainment with ease. Agent Russ Galen, Scovil Galen Ghost Literary Agency Inc. (June)