cover image Cat Bearing Gifts: 
A Joe Grey Mystery

Cat Bearing Gifts: A Joe Grey Mystery

Shirley Rousseau Murphy. Morrow, $19.99 (320p) ISBN 978-0-061-80694-0

Talking cat fans will welcome Murphy’s exciting 18th mystery featuring feline Joe Grey (after 2011’s Cat Telling Tales), in which Joe’s tortoiseshell friend, Kit, plays a lead role. After a multicar accident on a dangerous mountain road near Molena Point, Calif., Vic Amson, a violent no-gooder whose old pickup was wrecked, steals the Lincoln Town Car of Kit’s elderly human friends, Pedric and Lucinda Greenlaw. Only later do Vic and his injured partner in crime, Birely, who have begun a successful search for bundles of cash hidden on the property once owned by Birely’s sister, realize that their stolen vehicle hides an even greater treasure. Evil and greed lead to murder, and it’s up to the cats to see justice served. Anyone unfamiliar with this cozy series will be quickly drawn in by the complete believability of Murphy’s crime-solving felines and their helpful human companions. Agent: Martha Millard, Martha Millard Literary. (Dec.)