cover image Out of Oz

Out of Oz

Gregory Maguire, read by John McDonough. HarperAudio, unabridged, 23 CDs, 29 hrs., $59.99 ISBN 978-0-06-209366-0

In the conclusion to Maguire’s Wicked Years series, Glinda is put under house arrest, the Emerald City prepares to invade Munchkinland, and Elphaba’s little granddaughter, Rain (not knowing her heritage and working as a lowly maid in Glinda’s house) is just beginning to discover her powers. Meanwhile, back in Kansas, Dorothy is considered eccentric for insisting she visited Oz, and her aunt and uncle take her on a trip to distract her—that is until she finds her way back to that faraway magical land. John McDonough—who has narrated all of the audiobooks in the series—offers up a nuanced performance that showcases a deep understanding of Maguire’s fantasy world and its inhabitants. He creates distinctive voices for each character and capably conveys the ironic spirit of the novel. And while listeners may find an adult male voicing the dialogue of a little girl somewhat jarring at first, McDonough performance is a natural, engaging one that makes the Land of Oz come to life. A Morrow hardcover. (Nov.)