cover image The Burning Point

The Burning Point

Mary Jo Putney. Berkley Publishing Group, $6.99 (335pp) ISBN 978-0-425-17428-9

Known for her historical romances (The Wild Child, etc.), Putney successfully moves into contemporary fiction. Kate Corsi and Patrick Donovan, divorced 10 years ago, are reunited by the death of Kate's father, Sam, who was killed in an explosion at work. The Corsi family company, Phoenix Demolition, takes pride in its spotless accident record, and Sam's death is suspicious. His will leaves the business to his former son-in-law, on the condition that Donovan and Kate live under the same roof for one year. If Kate refuses, the company will be sold. Forbidden by her father to work for the company, Kate now has her chance to work at Phoenix. But can she work and live in such close proximity to the ex-husband she seems to both love and fear? This passionate love story unravels gradually, in trademark Putney style. The author has created a realistic, well-crafted story, laced with elements of suspense and mystery and featuring sympathetic protagonists whose biggest mistake was marrying too young. (May)