cover image Camp Girl-Meets-Boy

Camp Girl-Meets-Boy

Caroline B. Cooney. Starfire, $3.5 (181pp) ISBN 978-0-553-27273-4

Marissa is a counselor because she loves the rituals and camaraderie of summer camp. Violet disdains most camp activities; she has signed on as a counselor solely in the hope of meeting guys. At scenic Camp Menuncheokoguefamiliarly known as ``Camp Men'' and even ``Camp Girl-Meets-Boy''the two find a summer of surprises. Violet proves uncannily adept at handling the emotional crises of her young charges, while Marissa finds the opposite sex suddenly, maddeningly intriguing. This is a lighthearted, often funny look at the triumphs and pratfalls of attending summer camp. It is not without flaws: some of the humor is forced, and secondary characters are sketchy, especially a beautiful, haughty dance instructor who becomes the bane of both counselors' existence. But the portrayal of camp as a place where high-spirited pranks and anxieties exist side-by-side rings true, and the girls' romantic schemes will appeal to preadolescent readers in the same way that the intrigues of their counselors are of endless fascination to campers themselves. Ages 10-up. (August)