cover image Dead Giveaway

Dead Giveaway

Simon Brett. Scribner Book Company, $13.95 (176pp) ISBN 978-0-684-18517-0

Charles Paris, Brett's endearing though none-too-successful actor and amateur sleuth, finds himself caught yet again in murder and mayhem, this time in the gaudy world of British TV quiz shows. Charles hasn't had an acting assignment in months, but when his agent books him on a celebrity game program, he envisions himself in scintillating repartee with other well-known figures. During the taping, however, the emcee drinks from what he thinks is a glass of gin, and is poisoned. Suspicion points to Chippy, a young assistant from an adjoining studio, who is charged with the murder. Implored by a friend to clear Chippy's name and find the real killer, Charles has a long list of suspects to choose from. Brett is our shrewd guide through the inner workings of British show biz and his cheeky humor makes this adventure thoroughly delightful. But will someone, please, give Charles a job? (February 25)