cover image A Nice Class of Corpse

A Nice Class of Corpse

Simon Brett. Scribner Book Company, $14.95 (221pp) ISBN 978-0-684-18685-6

The British author's new mystery features Mrs. Pargeter, an amiable and rich widow who rivals Brett's Charles Paris as an appealing amateur sleuth. This continually surprising, witty story starts with Mrs. Pargeter moving into a ""nice'' hotel for ``nice'' elderly men and women. They conduct themselves according to a routine set by the prim owner, but which the new guest ignores. Interested in and curious about everyone in the place, Mrs. Pargeter ponders events following the fatal fall of one harmless old lady and the odd behavior of another. The forthright widow asks questions and gets answers that uncover startling facts about both the innocent and the guilty. Subtle hints on the source of the late Mr. Pargeter's fortune, a legacy to his beloved, add to the story's neat twists. Mystery Guild alternate. (January 21)