cover image The 3 Detectives and the Missing Superstar

The 3 Detectives and the Missing Superstar

Simon Brett. Gale Cengage, $13.95 (179pp) ISBN 978-0-684-18708-2

In British writer Brett's first mystery for young readers, three teenagers turn detective when Dazzleman, star of the number one rock group, Reddimixx, disappears. Emma (energetic and intuitive), Stewart (an amateur scientist and inventor) and Marcus (a brain) know that Dazzleman has not gone off on one of his notorious disappearances. Believing he has been kidnapped, they break into Dazzleman's mansion to find he's being held hostage by his former partner, from whom he stole many songs. Brett's plot is ingenious and exciting and the detectives are an agreeable lot. But at times the dialogue is difficult to follow, due to Britishisms and slang. (10-14)