cover image Terrible Tuesday

Terrible Tuesday

Hazel Townson. McNally & Loftin Publishers, $12.95 (32pp) ISBN 978-0-688-06243-9

Vibrant pastel colored illustrations bring to life this clever story that is sure to capture a child's imagination. While pretending to be an airplane, Terry overhears his mother's phone conversation. Open-mouthed enough to expose her tonsils, Terry's wide-eyed mother announces: ""Tuesday is going to be terrible!'' Terry begins to visualize ``terrible'' events; imagining robbery, kidnapping, Martians, witches, ghosts, floods and tigers escaping from the zoo. Even the most fantastic, outlandish circumstances have everyday life repercussions for the boy. This author-illustrator team from England delivers an extremely funny picture book with broad appeal across the ocean as well. When ``Terrible Tuesday'' finally arrives, so do Terry's favorite cousins, to Terry's delight, and only the caricature of the frazzled mother reveals exactly what is ``terrible!'' (4-8)