cover image Getting Rid of Krista

Getting Rid of Krista

Amy Hest. Morrow Junior Books, $11.95 (0pp) ISBN 978-0-688-07149-3

Gillie, eight, cannot believe that her gorgeous older sister is living at home once more. Krista is called home from college when the sisters' father loses his job; now she jogs, does aerobics, showers three times a day and generally spends all her time preparing to be a Broadway star. Gillie figures that the sooner Krista is back in college, the better, and decides to earn the money herself through a dog-walking service she starts with her friend Hank. When they start walking the dog of a famous Broadway producer, readers will guess the endingthat Krista gets her chance. Despite her self-absorption, Krista is harmless, and provides no real reason for Gillie's desperate measures. There is a funny idea here, and a sweet atmosphereespecially in the friendship between Gillie and Hankthat hints at what this could have been without such convenient plot solutions. Ages 7-10. (April)